Deutsch Medical’s blog serves many purposes, but our key goal is to share our expertise and advice about Radiation Protection Clothing and Radiation Safety Eyewear, Medical and Surgical Loupes as well as Surgical Operating Microscopes with our customers. Deutsch Medical’s blog announces new product features and services, trends and new developments covering various medical topics. Our aim is it to provide helpful and informative ‘how-to’ and ‘everything-you-need-to-know’ articles, podcasts and videos to help our customers making an informed decision.

Radiation Aprons

Radiation Lead Aprons

Read about the latest radiation safety standards, apron protection materials and helpful tips on how to select, protect, clean, store lead aprons and further more.

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Radiation Eyewear

radiation eyewear

Learn more about radiation eye protection in medical imaging, how to select the right lead glasses and further useful advices on must-have safety features.

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Medical & Surgical Loupes


Find out how to find the style of medical and surgical loupes that suits your requirements. Learn about how to clean your loupes and mount Rx inserts for prescription and further more.

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Operating Microscopes & Components

operating microscope

Read more about different disciplines for surgical operating microscopes, how it is used, types of illumination. Learn how to configure surgical microscopes for surgery and further more.

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