Washable Thyroid Collar Cover

Washable Thyroid Collar Cover

Never wear a dirty, sweaty or oily thyroid collar again and put on a breathable comfortable cotton cover over the lead thyroid collar that is used many times most likely by many different people.

Deutsch Medical offers a high-quality cover for thyroid collars to keep them clean and sanitary. They are washable and made of cotton, thus comfortable to wear and non-irritating to skin.


  • Protects your thyroid collar from all dirt, sweat, oil
  • Easy to use with both CTS Standard and TS Bib Thyroid Collars.
  • Easy to wash or replace when dirty
  • Made of cotton, comfortable to wear

Thyroid collars are difficult to keep clean, especially when you have to share the same collar with your team. Ensure your lead thyroid collar remains in great condition for years by making a small investment in a washable thyroid collar cover.

If you are interested in a sample, please feel free to contact us below for a direct reply.


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