CT Thyroid Protection

CT Thyroid Protection


Head CT and general X-ray examinations can result in significant and unnecessary exposure to the thyroid glands. The single-use CT Thyroid Protection offers significant protection for the radiosensitive thyroid glands during Computed Tomography (CT) procedures.

The CT Thyroid Protection is the result of an extensive development to produce the most technically and cost effective shielding for patients undergoing CT or X-Ray procedures. The shields and material have been independently tested by the Radiation Protection Service, at the Department of Medical Physics & Clinical Engineering at Singleton Hospital in the UK. The performance of the materials has also been certified by the Health Protection Agency, which is a department of the National Radiological Protection Board in the UK.

The CT Thyroid Protection is shaped to fit comfortably over the Adam’s Apple and are designed to provide a significant dose reduction to the radiosensitive thyroid gland. The shields have a Lead Equivalency of 0.125mm. The dose reduction through the shield has been independently tested and verified in clinical studies, showing a practical dose reduction of up to 60% during CT or general X-ray examinations and 80%+ dose reduction in independent transmission testing throughout the range of 50kV to 150kV.

The CT Thyroid Protection is designed for one-time use to prevent possible biological contamination between patients. The shields are made from Barium Vinyl and can safely be disposed of through normal waste procedures.

The product is available in a box of 50 pieces.

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