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What Are Radiation Safety Levels?

Deutsch Medical presents a range of standard and prescription protective leaded eyewear to suit different face shapes, coverage options, professions and budgets. Using the right eyewear can help lower the radiation exposure and minimise the risk to the clinician’s eyes. Leaded eyewear is mainly used in catheter labs, interventional radiology as well as during orthopaedic surgeries.

Lead Glasses apply to different applications... 

Therefore, Deutsch Medical offers different RADIATION SAFETY LEVELS for lead glasses:

  1. Radiation Safety Level 1: Lead Glasses provide front protection only – through leaded lenses
  2. Radiation Safety Level 2: Lead Glasses provide front protection through leaded lenses AND lateral protection through additional side lead sheets
  3. Radiation Safety Level 3: Lead Glasses provide FULL PROTECTION through leaded lenses at front and a new x-ray shielding frame, giving protection on the top, bottom and sides.


Contact us to find out more about lead glasses and/ or make an appointment to trial lead eyewear.

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