DM-SafeRay Lead Glasses

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Deutsch Medical represents the NEW generation of x-ray protection glasses DM-SafeRay that provide 100% x-ray protection for your eyes - at the front, from the side, the top AND bottom.

The new DM-SafeRay lead glasses offer a frame and temple bars which are made of the new lead-free radiation protection material called "Trilliant". Trilliant is also a high performance polyamide and features excellent transparency and dyeing capabilities, durability, bending flexibility and many more.

The lenses are made of leaded glasses and available in 0.75mm Pb lead equivalence. The new lead glasses exceed the current Australian/ New Zealand and conforms with all new major global standards; IEC 61331-3:2014 and DIN  6867-2, tested and certified against a full range of x-ray energy levels - 50 to 150 kVp. 

Conventional x-ray glasses only protect the eyes from the front due to the lead in the lenses of the glasses. Some traditional lead glasses offer lateral protection to reduce radiation coming in from the side. However, these glasses still don't provide enough protection and let fluorescence and scatter radiation through the top and bottom of lead glasses. 

The Model fits best for medium to large style faces.


The new x-ray glasses DM-SafeRay break with these traditions on several levels: 

 The New DM-SafeRay   Conventional Lead Glasses
  • 100% x-ray protection: Frontal, side, top and bottom protection
  • Frame, temple bars made of lead-free protection material
  • No gaps between main frame and temple bars
  • Low to high-index prescription options
  • Tested & certified for 50kVp-150kVp
  • Meets current AU/NZ 4543.3-2000 & new IEC 61331.3-2014
  • Only frontal and in some cases lateral side shield protection
  • Frame is made of non-protecting material, e.g. plastic
  • Gaps between main frame and temple bars, letting x-ray through
  • High-index prescription limited to frame or not available.
  • Tested & certified for usually 90kVp.
  • Only meets current AU/NZS 4543.3-2000




  • Radiation Protection Standards: AS/ NZS4543.3; IEC 61331.3-2014 -> tested and certified against a full range of x-ray energies: 50-150kVp.
  • Radiation Safety Level 3: Lead Glasses provide complete protection.
  • Front Lens Protection: 0.75mm Pb leaded glass
  • Lateral Side Protection: 0.50mm Pb leaded shields
  • Lense Material: Schott SF6 Radiation Protective Lenses
  • Frame Material: Trilliant
  • Frame Shape: Rectangular
  • Prescription Frame: Low to high-index prescription lenses up to +/- 10 and +/- 6 cylinder for cases of corneal irregularity
  • Weight: 98g
  • Certification: CE 0120 certified
  • Fits: Medium to large style heads
  • Available Colour: Grey/ Black/ Turquoise


Specific Measurements of the frame (in mm)

 Eye  Bridge  Temple  B Measurement
50 19  140  N/A


Included with every pair of Radiation Eyewear are:

  • Hard Case
  • Soft Microfibre Cloth
  • Adjustable Strap/ Retainer Cord
  • Anti-Fog Treatment (Spray Bottle, 60ml)
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