Radiation Reducing Surgical Gloves - Secure Touch XR1

Barrier Technologies
Made in USAMade in USA
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SKU: DM-18

The Secure Touch XR1 are the thinnest Radiation Protection Surgical Gloves available featuring maximum tactile sensitivity with high attenuation. Tested and certified at direct beam according to IEC 61331.1-2014 (60-120 kVp).

The Radiation Protection Gloves are sterile, powder-free surgeon's gloves to be worn by hospital personnel, specifically surgeons, to protect their hands from radiation during operation of x-ray equipment whenever a high degree of protection and tactile sensitivity is needed. The main purpose of these gloves is to reduce the amount of dispersed radiation exposure to the hands from the primary x-ray beam during surgical procedures under fluoroscopy performance. Ideal Procedures, where Radiation Protection Surgical Gloves can be used, are: Cardiology Orthopaedics, EP/Cath Lab, Intensive Care, Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Haemodynamics, Neuroradiology, Urology, Pain Management Endoscopy, and Resuscitation.

Product Features

  • Radiation Protection Standards: AS/NZS4543.3; IEC61331.3-2014 -> tested and certified against a full range of x-ray energies: 60-120kVp
  • Attenuating agent: Mixture of bismuth & other lead-free elements
  • Protection Material: Lead-Free
  • Bonding agent: Natural Latex
  • Internal Coating: Hypo-allergenic compound
  • Colour: Khaki
  • Textured Finger/ Palm
  • Powder Free
  • 6 Available Gloves Sizes (6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9)
  • Manufacturer: Barrier Technologies


Attenuation rates in percentage at direct beam, test according to IEC 61331.1-2014:
60 kVp 46% 64%
80 kVp 36% 54%
100 kVp 30% 48%
120 kVP 24% 42%

Technical Parameters

Finger tip thickness (mm) 0.20 0.35
Palm thickness (mm) 0.20 0.35
Cuff thickness (mm) 0.20 0.35
Lead Equivalence (mm Pb) 0.02 0.04
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 14 14
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