Standard Thyroid Collar

AmRay Medical

Protecting your thyroid glands from radiation exposure during all diagnostic imaging procedures. For healthcare professionals and their patients, especially throughout dose intensive examinations. Thyroid collars are commonly used by hospitals, private practices, dental and radiologic clinics.


With 3 Year Warranty.


Refer to detailed product description below. Download product data sheet.

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The Standard Thyroid Collar offers all-round protection to your thyroid area. It provides a snug fit and easy on-off access, easy cleaning, plus optimum radiation protection.It is available in two protection thicknesses and closures.

A Standard Thyroid Collar with magnetic closure can be easily wiped over and therefore properly disinfected which will help to eliminate forms of bacteria, reduce cross contamination and the spread of bacteria. In comparison, a Standard Thyroid Collar with Velcro is often difficult to clean which can leave fluff or dirt behind.

However, magnetic thyroid collars cannot be used with magnetically sensitive media such as mechanical watches, heart pacemakers, CRT monitors, credit cards and other magnetically stored media.

Combine the Standard Thyroid Collar with our radiation protection aprons for complete body protection.


Product Description

  • Two protection thicknesses available
  • Two closures: Velcro and Magnet.
  • All fabrics and colours.
  • Meets all major global standards AS/ NZS 4543.3:2000 (Australia/ NZ), IEC 61331-3:2014 (International), ASTM F2547 (USA) and DIN 61331-3:2016 (Germany).

Fabric Options

  • Easy-Clean Flex-DC
  • Stain-resistant Spangly
  • Standard Nylon

Custom Features

  • Embroidery of name
  • Access to A-Track Inventory Management Software
  • Custom requests: Please use the 'additional comments field'


  • Lead
  • Light Lead Plus
  • Supreme Lead Free

Lead Equivalence (mm Pb)

  • 0.50


  • Protection of thyroid glands from x-ray exposure

Size Options

  • Adult
Other sizes available on request.

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