Visor Thyroid Collar with Velcro

Barrier Technologies
Made in USAMade in USA

Minimise your radiation exposure of the thyroid gland and neck with our Visor Thyroid Collar with Velcro, also called 'Bib Thyroid Collar'.

The Visor style offers a greater area of protection in comparison to our standard model, featuring a snug fit around the neck, whilst providing superior X-Ray protection.

Product Features

  • Radiation Protection Standards: AS/NZS4543.3; IEC61331.3-2014 -> tested and certified against a full range of x-ray energies: 50-150kVp
  • Inner Protection Material: Standard Lead, Lead Free
  • Protection Thicknesses: 0.50mm Pb or 0.35mm Pb 
  • Manufacturer: Barrier Technologies
  • Attachment options:
    • Available either separate, or attached to apron via buckle clip
  • Outer Fabric Material/ Colours: 
    • UltraflexTM  - antibacterial stain resistant fabric,
    • Diamond Ripstop,
    • Camouflage and Custom Prints 
  • Optional Extras
    • Monogram Name/ Department 
    • Custom Logo Embroidery
  • Custom requests: Please use the 'additional comments field' 
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