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Deutsch Medical’s vest and skirt lead aprons keep healthcare professionals fully protected and comfortable even during extended procedures in areas such as interventional radiology, cardiology, neurology and urology. The two-piece style is the most comfortable choice for medical professionals as it reduces the stress on your back because more than half the weight, about 60%, is carried on the hip, and 40% on the upper body, making this style easier to wear for longer periods of time due to the much reduced weight hanging for your shoulders. The Vest and Skirt Lead Apron provides complete protection for the front, sides and back part of the body from shoulder to below knees. All our vest and skirt lead aprons offer soft fabric materials so you can move around easily. The fabric materials feature an additional antibacterial surface to keep your lead apron clean from bacteria.

Our vest and skirt lead aprons are available in three radiation protection materials: Light Lead, Light Lead Plus, and light Supreme Lead Free which conform with all major global standards AS/ NZS 4543.3:2000 (Australia/ NZ), IEC 61331-3:2014 (International), ASTM F2547 (USA) and DIN 6867-2 (Germany), independently tested and certified against a full range of energy levels; 60 to 150 kVp.

Choose from six different lead apron vests to provide the best fit for each individual body shape and profession. Our lead apron vests include padded shoulders for additional comfort and a practical chest pocket. Our Lead Apron Skirt features an integrated wide belt for comfortable lower back support.

By using our quoting tool online, you can submit your requirements to us and receive your individual quote.

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