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Radiation Protection Eyewear

Deutsch Medical’s Radiation Safety Eyewear provides premium quality, superior protection and best comfort to suit the needs of all healthcare professionals who work in fluoroscopic environments such as in Cardiac Cath Labs, Cardiac Electrophysiology (EP) Labs, Interventional Radiology and Cardiology, Orthopaedics, Anaesthesiology, Pain Management, and further more. All lead glasses conform with AS/ NZS 4543.3:2000 and ALL major global standards: IEC 61331-3:2014, ASTM F2547 and DIN 6867-2 and are equipped with highest quality 0.75mm Pb radiation protective lenses that strategically block the harmful rays of scatter radiation while providing the user with reduced eye fatigue and enhanced vision.

Deutsch Medical offer a comprehensive variety of Radiation Glasses - Standard, Prescription, Low-Fit Bridge and Fitover Lead Glasses - designed for maximum comfort, weight distribution, various face shapes and style. We provide different levels of radiation safety: Lead Glasses with front protection (Radiation Safety Level 1), Lead Glasses with front and side protection (Radiation Safety Level 2), and Lead Glasses with front, side, top and bottom protection (Radiation Safety Level 3).

Find a perfect fit for your unique features and choose from our Collections below.

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