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Deutsch Medical's Warranty

Deutsch Medical takes pride in offering premium quality, comfortable and durable radiation protection equipment that fully protects healthcare professionals and their patients from primary and secondary radiation for a long time.

With an unsurpassed Three-Year-Warranty against workmanship and materials for Deutsch Medical’s radiation protection aprons and accessories, we stand by our product range better than any other company in the radiation protection industry. Our Three-Year-Guarantee is proof positive of the quality we provide for our radiation protection aprons and accessories providing you with comfortable protection that will continue to last for years. Our confidence is based on three decades of manufacturing excellence of our partner and is supported by adherence to the highest industry standards, including ISO 9001:2015, Regulation (EU) 2016/425 (Module B & D), IEC 61331-1 :2014 and 61331-3:2014.

Overview of Warranties

Radiation Protection Aprons
3 Years
Radiation Protection Eyewear
1.5 Years
Radiation Protection Accessories
3 Years
Radiation Protection Racks
2 Years
Scatter Reducing Drapes
2 Years
Protective Screens & Shields
2 Years

Making a Claim

As we always aim to provide high quality radiation protection products and excellent service, we are not perfect. If you do have a claim to make, please contact us directly by filling out the form below, supplying as much detailed information as possible, such as invoice number or date of purchase and if possible, photos, so we can address your claim quickly.

If damage has occurred to Deutsch Medical’s provided product outside of our warranty period, we offer repair services for our products at affordable prices. Contact us with detailed information and photos, so we can advise you what your options are.

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