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Under Resources, Deutsch Medical provide a comprehensive collection of information materials that are relevant to healthcare professionals and their patients who are continuously exposed to radiation. We actively seek to share the materials with you to help you gain clarity and understanding of standards, test reports, radiation protection materials and our products. Our main aim is to assist you in making smart radiation protection choices, ensuring you select the radiation protection equipment that best protects you and suits your individual needs. We encourage you to use our resources, share it with your colleagues and teammates to support training, start discussions and create awareness regarding your radiation protection needs. Contact us if you have questions, comments or feedback regarding the materials below.

Radiation Protection eCatalogue

View Deutsch Medical's latest catalogue and download a PDF version.

Radiation protection catalogue - Deutsch Medical

ARTG Entries

The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) is a database of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) referencing information on medical and therapeutic products that are allowed to be supplied in Australia. All our products are registered within ARTG.

Cleaning & Caring Instructions

Deutsch Medical ensures the products it supplies are designed and constructed to be safe and without risks to health when properly used. This section provides information on how to properly look after and clean your personal radiation protection equipment so it protects you for a long time.

Protection and Fabric Materials

Select from three types of radiation protection materials and outer fabrics along with various colour choices.

Product Comparison Charts

Making it easy to select your radiation protection product that suits your individual face and body shape. View an overview of available features and optional add-ons.

Radiation Protection Standards

Informing you about relevant radiation protection standards that specify minimum local and international radiation safety standards for protective devices and materials against diagnostic medical x-rays.

Size Charts

Deutsch Medical strives to offer you a comfortable lead apron that fits correctly and protects you exactly as it should. Our size charts will assist you with making the right choice for your body shape.

Technical Articles

Educating you about latest research, scientific findings and recommendations by radiation protection bodies.

Test Reports

We willingly share details of our certifications and insist on absolute clarity in terms of the level of protection that our products offer.

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